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Missandtrendy was launched in 2015 to offer high quality, fashion prescription and sun glasses at affordable prices without compromising style or quality. Customers' satisfaction is our prime goal. Therefore the low product return rate we've been experiencing on our online store. Join us today and let's share this exciting experience together.

Missandtrendy's Mission.

As eyewear enthusiasts, We understand that prescription glasses and sunglasses can often come with an exorbitant price tag that places them out of reach for many customers.

At Missandtrendy, we are committed to breaking down these barriers. Our driving mission is to offer attractive, high specification prescription glasses and sunglasses at prices that are affordable to all without compromising on product standards.

By making our products affordable and accessible, we aim to give back to the community and support those who need assistance with eye health issues.

Aviator sunglasses by Missandtrendy

Unique Business Model

Missandtrendy's business model begins with the customer. To make quality spectacles accessible, we aim to design our own products in-house, therefore offer high quality eye glasses from just £20 a pair. This is achievable if, we control the whole process from design, manufacturing and distribution.

Product Collection

At Missandtrendy, we have designed a complete collection of 40 unisex glasses styles, with 4 color variants each. This results in a total lineup of 160 high quality, fashionable frames ready for production. The collection includes a wide variety of patterns and sizes to fit most face shapes. From classic rectangular to modern geometric shapes, the assortment ensures a perfect fit for every customer. Each style was carefully designed or drafted by our team to ensure maximum comfort, durability, and visual appeal.

The frames are lightweight, made from top-grade acetate or TR-90 material, and fitted with adjustable spring hinges for a comfortable fit through out the day. Our expansive collection is ready to be manufactured and delivered to customers as soon as sufficient funding is raised.

The production ready-in-stock status enables a quick launch and fast delivery to the end users. The broad range guarantees customers will find the perfect frame to match their prescription needs and personal fashion styles. This collection is a key factor that sets Missandtrendy apart, positioning the brand for rapid growth and success.

Product Features

Missandtrendy eyewear stands out with several exceptional product features that provide both style and high specs:

Top-Grade Lenses

Our lenses are made of advanced Tri Acetate Cellulose (TAC) polarized technology to deliver superior visual clarity and 100% UV protection up to 400 nanometers. TAC lenses are extremely lightweight yet highly impact resistant.

Quality Frame Materials

Our acetate and TR-90 frames are durable in extreme temperatures and retain their shape over time. The materials are designed to withstand the demands of everyday wear and re-glazing glasses fitting if needed.

ComfortFlex Hinges

Our ComfortFlex spring hinges technology gently hug the face for a custom fit that stays comfortable all day. The adjustable temples prevent pressure points and headaches associated with poorly-fitting frames.

Chic Patterns & Prints

From classic houndstooth to modern animal prints, our collection includes unique patterned frames full of personality. We offer diverse options to complement any style.

Visual Care Accessories

Every order includes a visual care kit to keep frames looking their best, with an EVA case, lens cloth, a key holder multi-function screw driver and an anti-fog coating spray.

Target Customer

Missandtrendy's products are designed for the mass market. Our unisex styles appeal to all genders and age groups, from teens to seniors. Anyone who wears prescription glasses or sunglasses for vision correction, eye protection, or fashion can benefit from our affordable, high-quality spectacles.

Women UV400 sunglasses by Missandtrendy

Competitive Advantage

Missandtrendy stands out from the competition by committing to quality, affordable pricing, exceptional product merchandising, customer care and fast delivery. 

Funding Needs

We are seeking funding to support key business operations and fuel our growth. Specifically, we need additional support for:

Ecommerce Platform and Marketplaces

To run our existing online store and manage product listings on various marketplaces. This includes site hosting, implementation, software, transaction fees, and marketplace subscription costs.

Stock Fulfillment

To purchase inventory and fulfil orders. Funding will procure our unique eyewear collection and cover logistics like shipping and warehousing.

Marketing Activities

To boost brand awareness and acquire new customers through paid social media advertising, influencer collaborations, email campaigns, and other channels.


To hire skilled team members in digital marketing, eCommerce management, operations, customer service, and finance. As an already running startup, we need to build a solid team.

With this additional funding, we can solidify our operations, execute growth strategies, and continue making affordable, quality eyewear accessible to all. The funds raised will accelerate our business significantly and allow us to reach profitability faster.

Positive Figures

Solid business testing has already been conducted during last year, indicating a high potential for rapid growth.

Prior to launching, Missandtrendy eyewear were sold to a test group of customers. The positive conversion rate from this initial online testing phase demonstrates strong market demand for affordable, quality eyewear in the UK. Based on the enthusiastic 2% return rate, we anticipate accelerated business growth and profits within the first year after securing relevant organic and paid traffic to our online store and sales platforms.

Our prudent prior testing phase validates Missandtrendy's business model of providing premium eyewear direct-to-consumer at mass market prices. With sufficient funding secured, we aim to rapidly scale up our marketing and operations to meet the proven customer demand. Based on the test phase results, we can expect excellent sales within 12 months from the end of the fundraising period. The testing numbers reveal this is a timely, winning project with major growth ahead. 

Support a Winning Eyewear Startup With an Affordable Mission

Missandtrendy is more than a business model. After almost two years developing our unique product line and business plan, we are ready to scale up and achieve our vision. But we can't do it alone.

Together, we can transform people's lives by meeting essential vision needs.

With your help, Missandtrendy has the potential to grow rapidly and fulfill its purpose. Our success means more jobs, community assistance, and improved access to essential vision care. Be part of the change, and help create a future where everyone can afford the glasses they need.

The time is now. Let's make high-quality eyewear accessible for all today! 

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